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neopian_addicts's Journal

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Neopian Addicts
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Hello and Welcome to the Neopian Addicts Community.
We are a fun and loving group who all have one thing in common...we LOVE Neopets!
If you are a fellow Neopets Lover join today and tell us about yourself!
We are open for all kinds of talk Neopian realated and Non-neopian related.

Did that Pant's Devil steal your newly bought and rare item? Come vent about it to us Neopian Addicts.
Did the Wheel Of Fourtune land on the 10,000 Np prize for you today? Come celebrate with some fellow addicts!
Whatever your case we would love you you to join!
Hope to be talking with you soon!!!!
~Lil Jen/ Owner of Neopian Addicts Community

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